Two days ago we found out 6 of our computers had the wrong driver set for the printer everyone was using. This was causing an issue with printing an extra page with a diamond on it and it was wasting paper. After pondering about it for a little while I found out two ways of reinstalling the printers remotely.

1. Being a administrator you can navigate to the computer in question (\\computername). Then go into the Printers and Faxes and on the top left is “Add Printer” that will start the Printer Wizard, and it will install on that computer.

But I wanted something faster, easier, and able to do multiple computers.

2. Over the last two days I’ve been working on a script that will install a printer to a remote computer automatically. It uses three batch files to do so. The first file (Printer_Install.bat) starts everything by prompting the user to type the computer name(s) [up to ten] they want to install the printer on. Then it copies the driver files (located in the Drivers folder) to that machine, after it finishes it starts the second file (portcreator.bat) that creates the IP/TCP port that the printer will be using. Finally it starts the last file (printerinstall.bat) and that installs the printer to the machine(s) you specified before. Once you set it up it takes about 10 seconds to transfer a 15mb driver folder, create the port, and install the printer. A lot faster than doing it as stated in number one, especially if you have a lot of computers to do.

As its set right now it’s ready to install a Dell 5310n Laser Printer
using the PCL drivers and creates a port of You must use the folder on your local computer and run it from there. (because of size limits on this email i did not include the driver files, but if you read below you can see how to get them.)