The fall of ‘05 the last fall before heading off to the Army right after graduation in May of ‘06. My Dad wanted to do something big for me while we still had some time. I like hunting, always have whether it be hunting squirrels, sitting out in the woods looking for rabbits or up in northern Minnesota at grandpa and grandmas place looking for chippies (chipmunks) and whatever else we could find.

Before moving to Florida we used to live in a small town in southern South Dakota named Winner. I only lived there from when I was three to eight, but I still remember that it was a great place to be and grow up. Dad used to go pheasant hunting every year with guys he knew from church and he always went with Irv. My brother, two years older than I, and I would sometimes go with them and try to keep up walking through all the corn fields, muddy wheat fields or just the tall grass. We were too young to have our own shotguns and were there only to tag along and have a fun time with dad and friends. I will always remember the smell of the garage when Dad would come home and as we got to watch him clean those ole roosters on the work bench.

It had been a long time since I went pheasant hunting, or any kind of hunting for that mater due to being in the army. Basic training, Advanced Individual Training, and then two years off in Sotuh Korea kinda limited my ability to hunt anything. After Korea, I was stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado. I was looking forward to that area because the drive to South Dakota wasnt going to be so bad and I was hoping to do a few pheasant hunting trips while I was there. On top of pheasant I was hoping to get into hunt deer, turkey, and maybe going along on someones elk hunt. We even got a year old Coon Hound and I was hoping to train it up and turn it into some kinda non-normal bird dog, ha, but it was not to be. The fall of '09 I went through a divorice that went through the year and into the next. Then in September '10 my unit deployed to Iraq and I was gone until September of '11.

I wanted to create something that would be a type of history of my hunts through out my life, so that way I would be able to pass on those memories. I got the idea walking through a Dicks Sporting Good store and noticed a book that looked like a wooden photo album for hunting memories. If I ever come across somthing like that again I will be getting one to have an actual physical book for all the different hunts and then I will be able to sit around with the grand kids and talk about all the different good times.