I hunted on saturday morning. Got out there before 0700 and started for the area i had planned for, so it thought, at that time. By 0730 i was walking small patches of grass and im not sure what the other stuff was, its kinda sticky type stuff with little fuffy stuff on top. The shooting started at about 0730, one there another two over there and I even heard about 4-5 shots at one point.

I ended up working the fields backwards of what I had planned, somehow I got turned around and was on the other side than what I thought I was ha. It ended up working out well as I was walking some of that other stuff I mentioned earlier. It went from about waist high to taller than i am. While ziging one way I would zag the other, when I came up to a patch that was thick and taller then me I decided to zag at that point. Not five feet away a big ole rooster sprung up from the middle of that tall stuff. He was climbing to go over the hedge row so it took two shots to bring him down as the first had to much lead. He plopped down and I had to go crawling though some thorny rose stuff to retrieve him. Sweet, a rooster 30mins into the hunt maybe I'll finally get my limit!

I stayed in 249 working different areas for most of the day until about 1600. I ended up having a charlie horse in one of my legs as I was tromping through some thick stuff, ah man that hurt, I had to sit down and stretch for a bit before continuing on! It was encouraging to hear shots most of the day, so there had to be birds out. But at the same time it was discouraging because I would work an area, then 20-30mins later another group with a dog would work the same area and there would be some shootin. Kinda makes things tough without a dog, most likely the birds just run circles around ya, ha!

After leaving I worked some other small areas near the cross roads to the northeast, didnt find anything there but I did run into another guy that was alone and had just got one that tried to run out in front of him. He said that it had no tail feathers! hmm. After that I headed to the small area south of 243. Theres a smart rooster in that area...he liked to play all kinda games. I worked some grass on the south side of the road and as I was leaving I could hear some cackling on the north side near the corn field. So I stealthily tried to walk toward the cackle, as I got within about 20 yards it was coming from across the hedge row, near the driveway of a house on the other side, then he took off and headed to a creek area on their property. So much for that one huh? After working another area on the other side of the area I came back to that area and stopped and was just about to head out for home, and what do ya know. I hear more cackling! This time its coming from the corn field side of the hedge row...im guna get him this time. So I sneak up and get to the edge of the corn field and the grass, by that time he had stopped cackling. So I plopped my butt down and decided to wait for him to reveal his position! ha! I've got 45mins left, I bet he cant wait that long... One minute into sitting there silently, he flushes! I jump up but he was about 50 yards away, and he was only in the air for crossing from the grass to the edge of the corn. He not only flew, he flew and cackled the entire way. Almost like he was laughing, ha!

That was the end of the day, I changed out of my wet boots and headed home with my one rooster. The day went by surprisingly fast, but it was a good day with my one.