I hunted on saturday morning. Got out there before 0700 and started for the area i had planned for, so it thought, at that time. By 0730 i was walking small patches of grass and im not sure what the other stuff was, its kinda sticky type stuff with little fuffy stuff on top. The shooting started at about 0730, one there another two over there and I even heard about 4-5 shots at one point.

I ended up working the fields backwards of what I had planned, somehow I got turned around and was on the other side than what I thought I was ha. It ended up working out well as I was walking some of that other stuff I mentioned earlier. It went from about waist high to taller than i am. While ziging one way I would zag the other, when I came up to a patch that was thick and taller then me I decided to zag at that point. Not five feet away a big ole rooster sprung up from the middle of that tall stuff. He was climbing to go over the hedge row so it took two shots to bring him down as the first had to much lead. He plopped down and I had to go crawling though some thorny rose stuff to retrieve him. Sweet, a rooster 30mins into the hunt maybe I'll finally get my limit!

Veterans day weekend, the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever held a free paid hunt for five veterans. I was lucky enough to be asked if I wanted to be one of the five, it was a great feeling just being asked to join this type of hunt. A few days before the hunt another spot opened up and I was able to get a buddy from work, Dave, on the hunt as well. For the rest of the week during work we talked about how we were looking forward to this hunt. We counted down the days and before I knew it I was getting up at 0500. They wanted us to be at the farm where the hunt was going to be before 0800 so that we could sit around and learn some information about this chapter of the Pheasants Forever and not only did they organize this amazing hunt but they even brought orange juice and donuts! They even had certificates printed out and signed by the state that they gave to each verteran, I was not expecting this.

Brian, one of the chapters personel that orginized all of this, broke the hunt down into three rotations. Dave and I had to wait for this first roation to go, as we waited near the trucks it just built the anticipation for the next round. The first group was walking for a bit before we heard any shooting, then it gradually got to be more and more. We guessed they had at least found the roosters. As we waited there, one of the owners of the farm came driving up with a load of roosters that were going to be set out for the next round of hunters, us! It was kind of an odd feeling meeting the soon to be baged roosters, ha. We were able to talk to her for a bit and we talked about how things were ran there and how things worked. She told us that they took pride in raising the best birds that they could, they wanted for all the roosters to have nice long tail feathers. She wasn't lieing, those roosters were some fine looking birds, specially since I had been on a pen raised pheasant hunt before and I wasnt very pleased with the experience.

After getting skunked on the last hunt for the season of '11-'12 I was excited to get going for the opener in Pennsylvania. Since the end of the season, I had finished my six years in the army and moved around a bit. I was worried that I was going to be limited to just a week worth of hunting on a SD trip due to attending college in Atlanta, GA...no pheasants down there. In the long run I was able to get a great job in the D.C. area and after looking around found out about pheasant hunting in Pa. After reading up and planning out where to hunt, how to hunt this different type of pheasant hunting in the northeast the day sooner or later came.

0400 wake up, the excitement did even let me sleep in for another 15 minutes for the alarm to go off. Put everything in the truck and sit down to eat some breakfast, knowing how much walking ya have to do I was going to need all the energy I could get. While eating I turned on the TV and checked if I had any new episodes of "The Flush", a relatively new show on the Out Door Channel about pheasant hunting, and I was in luck there was a new one. The episode was about the pheasant opener in Winner, SD. Ha! Aint that crazy, the show started off with the host looking down Main Street from the park on top of the hill. It gave me a nice smile as I sat there and watched the familiar town. After that, I was out the door at 0500. 1.5-2 hours later I was in Pa. hunting territory. There were about five different state hunting grounds that I had marked off as looking promising and after looking at satellite imagery I had pin pointed what I thought would be prime hunting area...